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Classification yards


Classifications yards are arrangements of tracks used to sort or classify cars. They recieve inbound trains or cuts of cars, switch them according to their outbound


and then build them into outbound trains.

Large yards may have subyards separated by function.

Arrival/Departure yard/tracks: Longer tracks designed to recieve and inbound train or cut or tracks in which an outbound is built. Large yards may have separate Arrival and Departure yards.

Timeline-Freight cars

1883 - Safety Appliance act passed.
1900 - Cars required to be equipped with air brakes and knuckle couplers.
1911 - Safety Appliance Act amended to include ladders and grabirons.
1928 - Wood draft sills banned from interchange.
1933 - Type E or F couplers required on all new cars.
1933 - Rotary uncoupling levers required on new or rebuilt cars.

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American Association of Railroads. Industry group that determines interchange standards among other thing. Succesor to the ARA.

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