National Convention Committee


To oversee all aspects of the LDSIG National Convention. To select committee members to perform the work of the Committee, as needed. To select a Chairman for each year's convention to handle local affairs.


Report as soon as possible, but not later than 31 July 2006, on number of layouts, distances, travel times, grouping, and potential for expanding layout tour to more than one day, at the Detroit Convention.

Create a set of policies and procedures for the conduct of our national convenions, including:

  • Meet and greet session
  • Picnic
  • Layout tours
    • Selection of layouts
    • Maps
    • Signs
  • Banquet site selection, arrangements and cost
  • Banquet speaker
  • Honors, awards and recognition
  • Carpooling and rental auto availability coordination, prior to and at the convention
  • Distribution of parking information
  • Promotion of activities, prior to and at the convention
  • Formalized SIG Room sign-in procedure, including hotel and member contact information while at the convention
  • Use of the LDSIG website
  • Promotion of clinics covering the subject of Layout Design, and especially those presented by LDSIG members
  • SIG Room activities
  • SIG Room set-up and tear down
  • Displays
  • Guidance for exhibitors
  • Consultation Table
  • Administrative matters
  • Conformance with 501.c.3 status
    • Site arrangements
    • Resolution of scheduling conflicts with other SIGs, clinics, activities, etc.
    • Budgeting
    • Member identification
  • Room sharing
  • NMRA relations and contacts
    • Data received from the National
    • Collections of funds
  • Sale of SIG materials through the ‘Company Store’
    • Collections of funds
    • Returns
  • Sale of SIG materials in the SIG Room
  • Contests
  • Comp policy