Long Range Planning Committee


"Long Range" is defined as 10 years.

Develop a Long Range Plan (both Strategic & Tactical) that includes:

  • current position
  • LDSIG role in hobby
  • 501c3 tax, accounting, and legal issues
  • tax liabilities
  • membership levels/targets/retention
  • public outreach
    • research
    • awards
    • education
    • contests
  • volunteer recruitment
  • publications
    • payments to authors
    • employees vs. contractors
    • comp issues
    • electronic publication & distribution
    • advertising
  • PR
  • special events
    • conventions
    • local meets
    • compensatory: services and fees for volunteers
  • member input solicitation
  • budgeting
    • based on LRP
    • non-member reveue
    • Board reimbursement


  • Submit a descriptive status report to the Board before Thanksgiving 2006, including at least the interim purposes, duties, and powers of the Publications Dept., its Department Head, the LDJ Committee, and it's Chairman.
  • Draft a proposed online LDJ policy.
  • Draft a proposal for the scope of the Research Dept.
  • Draft a proposal for the scope of the Education Dept.
  • Draft a proposal for the scope and duties of an Administrative & Planning Dept. to include the Audit, Bylaws, Connecticut Resident Agent, Incorporation, Long Range Planning, Member Discussion Group, Nominating, and Rerail Committees.