Easyspline masonite roadbed

When I started in this hobby I used Woodland Scenics foam roadbed but after reading about Joe Fugate's Easyspline masonite roadbed I decided to try it out and WOW, what a difference.

I started by adding my risers made from 1 by 2.


I got the masonite splines from a local carpenter. They are made from 1/4 inch masonite and around 20 mm in height. Next time I will try to make these splines myself because I'm not 100% satisfied with the carpenter. I think it's importent to have the same size for all splines. In my case some are 20 mm, others are 22 and 21. That makes it hard to build a smooth roadbed.


I laminated 7 splines together to make the roadbed 42 mm wide (7 x 6). I used lots of spring clamps to hold them in place while the glue dried overnight.


Here are some closeup pictures of the finishing roadbed. Use a surform plan (I used one from Stanley) to take away the glue on the top and to make the roadbed smooth.




Next step is to glue the track directly to the roadbed with latex caulk. If you have gray ballast, use gray caulk.

Why do I like this method?

- I think this method is the best you can use for roadbed and I will never go back to any other method, never.

- It's easy to make curves and grades and it's VERY sturdy.

- You will not waste any material, one masonite board will go a long way.

- And you can use it for any scale, just laminate splines until you have the right size.

Try it out, I'm sure you will like it. Thanks to Joe Fugate for showing me this roadbed construction method.

(And thanks to Lee Nicholas for showing it to me -- Joef)