HO - Frisco River Divison - Cape Girardeau & Southwestern - Keith Robinson

Please take a look and tell me what you think.  This layout is an attempt to reproduce what was in Cape Girardeau, Mo  in 1950 with a focus on switching, supported by through-train operation from north staging (St Louis) or south staging (Chaffee).  The MoP action was local from Scott City into the west end of Cape Girardeau.  The yard and mains belonged to the Frisco with Frisco servicing everything other than the MoP spur into west Cape.  The MoP had track rights from the MoP junction with the Frisco, into the Frisco yard (for servicing west Cape).  Marquette Cement had a large limestone quarry across the main as did Federal Materials (crushed limestone).  Marquette had their own GE 44ton engine that also hauled clay cars out of the river bottoms to the plant on a single track.  Facing point and trailing point switches are illustrated as they existed.

Frisco River Div - Cape Girardeau & Southwestern Final.pdf50.15 KB